Nissan BladeGlider. For men

Nissan unveils the quirkily named BladeGlider.  

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that Nissan is attempting to take on Gilette, since its new BladeGlider sports car concept is one of the finest names for a razor we’ve ever come across. It even boasts – brace yourself – an ‘X-Factor’ in the shape of a centred driving position and good weight distribution. Throw in a dramatic soundtrack and a chisel-jawed gentleman rubbing his cheek whilst looking in the mirror, and Nissan is well on the way to having a hit TV commercial ready for the Superbowl.

In actual fact, the BG is a road-going version of the snappily titled ZEOD RC Zero Emission on Demand racecar, itself a bi-product of the DeltaWing project. The newboy has Jetson family-style aesthetics and ‘the potential to be the best handling production car in the world’. A large part of that is down to the narrow track up front, allowing more weight (70 percent of it in fact) to go over the super-sticky and enormous rear wheels for better traction, and ridonculous pull off the line.

Will we see this on the road? No. Not even slightly. Still, Nissan’s marketing team may have a handle on gentlemen grooming products should they decide to ditch four-wheels for five blades.

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