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After months of delays, Steve‘s taking matters into his own hands

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The New Year has been and gone, and I’ve yet to get the car on-track. The major transformation I had hoped to complete before 2015 kicked off just seems to creep further and further away as issues continue with parts not arriving on time, and sometimes not at all. A set of tyres along with lug nuts and those beautiful WORK Kiwamis I had ordered could not be shipped to the UAE after getting stuck in Qatar, meaning the entire shipment had to be sent back, repacked and re-sent from the US. Two months later, the wheels were still not here.

Finally, I received a call saying the wheels had arrived and were ready for collection. To add insult to tardiness, I was also informed the lug nuts I had ordered had ‘gotten lost’ in the shipment and I would need to reorder them.

A total of four months of constant delays and incomplete orders had me fuming., and I eventually wrote them off altogether, deciding instead that I would source my own parts rather than going through a supplier. I ordered my lug nuts directly from WORK USA, and within 15 days, they had arrived.

Ironically, I’m now having trouble sourcing the tyres I need, since Toyo R888 and Nitto NT-01 seem to be completely unavailable in the UAE and NT-05 are out of stock everywhere. I could just put another set on, but I suppose one more month of waiting won’t kill me. With changes made to the UAE Drift regulations, I will no longer be focusing on making the 350Z a multi-platform car, but instead a dedicated track day and road-going beast.

The hunt once again is on for tyres this coming month. I’m itching to get the car back out on-track with the modifications complete. Hopefully I might just be able to get it all work done on the Nissan before summer. But no promises. Journals is a contributor-based section, the contents of which have been provided by site readers and enthusiasts. All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the authors concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views held by

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