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From Red Bull to Ferrari for the four-time F1 world champion.


One of the big changes for next year’s Formula 1 season will be the move of the four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel, from Red Bull Racing to Ferrari.

The Italian team has released a video showing Vettel’s first steps in a Ferrari, as he tested a 2012 car at the team’s test track in Fiorano, Italy. They’ve also included the radio communications during the run, which is rather cool if you’re interested in how a team shakes down a car. Or, indeed, a new driver.

Neither Ferrari nor Vettel had a particularly good 2014 season, so both will be hoping that the new partnership will bring winning ways back to Maranello in 2015.

Before that though, sit back, relax and watch Vettel tiptoe around his opening lap, do some burnouts and then bang in some fast laps before waving to the tifosi that were anxious to see Ferrari’s new hope. After all, the last German driver they had was Michael Schumacher, and it turned out to be a pretty useful pairing.

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