New Porsche Cayenne. Dubai desert development

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Porsche has boldly come out and claimed that the new Cayenne that is due out on the road imminently will have more superior off road capability. Mind you having said that the outgoing model wasn’t at all that bad!Rolf Frech, Porsche Head of Development and his team based in the UAE have been working hard on testing the Cayenne’s resilience to hot weather, as well as its ability to cope with the extreme conditions in and around the huge sand dune by Big Red (about 35/40 mins outside of Dubai).

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A couple of juicy details worth noting about the new car is that it has grown by 45mm over the outgoing model, 40mm of this growth occurring in its wheelbase. This is mainly to create more legroom for rear passengers. Something that continues to be an issue for lots of manufactures.The new Cayenne is planning to weigh in at a faintly ridiculous 200kg lighter than the old model, meaning a kerb weight of 2095kg.

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These weight reductions have mainly been achieved by the use of more aluminium in its construction with the bonnet, doors, axles etc all falling under the ali banner…So with this faintly anorexic kurb weight the Cayenne Turbo model will be able to crack 0-62mph in 4.6sec. Added to the crazy performace the old Cayenne’s variable-height, roll-controlled air suspension has been retained, but its low-range transfer gearbox has been dropped (see point of the article?!?!)

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Sadly however unlike the Panamera’s dual-clutch ‘box, the Cayenne gets a torque convertor automatic due to the PDK’s system inability to cope with high-stress, low-speed manoeuvres.All cool so far then? I look forward to seeing the finished article.

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  1. This car is really fantastic! I always dreamed about the Porsche and I have to admit that this model is the best for me. I think that this car is one of the best vehicle in all over the world, but it is only a my own opinion. Thanks a lot one more time for i=the informative characteristic. Regards, Lenny from vehicle tracking system

  2. Er, not quite on the reason for a transfer case: the lower ranges allow you to use the power through a different set of gears so that you maximise torque. In any case, whilst I’m sure it was not planned, the weather conditions recently mean that a goodly part of the desert is like a roller-coaster. When I was out a few weeks ago, there was 1cm of dry sand and half a metre of wet stuff under it which was as solid as rock – no problem for the wee Honda Jazz!

    I’ve been out quite regularly in the last three weeks preparing for the forthcoming Jeep Jamboree and have yet to let the tyres down from road pressures. I just hope the boys from Germany don’t think it’s like this all the time!

  3. I agree with you, hence my comment…However would a car with 400+ hp need a low range? Historically it was only ever there to compensate for low powered engines was it not?

  4. The reducing gear box would account for a large chunk of the missing 200kg. But this begs the question: how much better can the new Cayenne be off-road without this gearbox?

  5. Nice scoop story and pics! i would love to take them out on a desert run from Abu Dhabi… The conditions are fairly easy at this time of year, cool weather and firm sand. Cheers