New Porsche 991 Turbo S. First ‘Exclusive’ Look

The new Porsche 991 Turbo S makes an appearance ahead of its official launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show, 50 years after the original 911 made its debut at the same event.  


Just how ‘exclusive’ this first look will be to most of you remains to be seen, considering images of the new Porsche 911 Turbo S have been doing the rounds for the past day or two. Hey, a launch drive of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and introductory hoons in the Ford F-150 FX4, Nissan GT-R Track Pack, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Audi RS4 Avant have kept us a little busy.

Still, it’s not like us to ignore the arrival of a new Porsche – as our piece on the new Cayman S should ably attest – and the new 991 Turbo S looks like being a mighty piece of kit: 560hp from a 3.8-litre turbocharged six-cylinder unit, sports suspension, a seven-speed Porsche Doppeletc gearbox, 0-100kph in 3.1sec, and a 318kph top speed. As ever, the regional launch can’t come fast enough. Let’s just hope I don’t have any more issues with my licence…

Source – Porsche

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