New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé takes a bow

Mercedes-Benz unveils the new S-Class Coupé, complete with 455hp biturbo V8.

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We’ll be honest, one slightly amusing case of  narrator adenoids aside, this video for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé isn’t the most thrilling YouTube clip you’ll see today. Fortunately though the accompanying press images reveal that the S-Class Coupé has remained largely unchanged since its conceptual bow at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. And that’s good, because the new German stud is a bit of alright.

We’ll spare the official press turns of phrase and dive straight into the meat. Under the bonnet you’ll find a 4663cc biturbo V8, good for 455hp and 516lb ft of torque in the S 500 Coupé iteration. Of course this being a new S-Class, the Coupé has driver assist systems and safety paraphernalia up the finely crafted and elegant whazzoo. This includes collision prevention, night vision and Magic Body Control, the first ‘suspension with eyes’ – a world first for series-production cars – that scans the road ahead to iron out bodyroll in the cabin.

Of the exterior design though – said to be ‘sensual purity at its most beguiling’, which loosely translates from German as ‘water shed material’ – we’re already pretty sweet on the A45 AMG-esque headlight design and bonnet ripples, and curvaceous arse (borrowed we assume from Jenny from the block).

Full unveil comes at the Geneva Motor Show, the first chance we’ll get to hear the ‘emotive-sporty sound’ from the S-Coupé’s throaty V8. Hopefully the official press material will be easier to understand too.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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