New Lexus LF-NX is the pointiest car ever

Lexus unveils new LF-NX Concept SUV for the Frankfurt Motor Show. It has cut no corners and maybe added some extra ones.

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Whoa. That was the reaction of everyone in the crankandpiston office when we first clapped eyes on pictures of the new Lexus LF-NX concept. For years, Lexuses were accused of being boring, rebadged Toyotas. Well, whatever this one is, boring it ain’t.

What it is is full of angles – at least, judging by these pics. The compact SUV will doubtless appear soon in production form to take on the likes of the Audi Q3. In contrast to the stylish-but-safe Audi, the Lexus designers have gone full-on Gundam in their design. The press release is full of phrases like “highly distinctive” and “powerfully sculpted”, “extremely expressive” and “aggressive”. The LF-NX is a bit of a shock to the system, but we’re all for that sort of bold thinking. Go Lexus, you crazy kids.

All we know about the powertrain is that it’ll be a hybrid, but we’ll doubtless hear more during the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. We’ll be at the show in force, so check back for the latest updates.

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