Need For Speed Movie. Feel The Need On The Set

“’Need for Speed’ is definitely accurate and authentic to real car racing culture.” It’s a shame director Scott Waugh’s words end with a police SUV barrel rolling in this behind the scenes look at the new film.


If Street Fighter, Tekken, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil among many – many – others have proven anything, it’s that movie versions of video games are usually pretty dire. The upcoming ‘Need for Speed‘ movie looks set to follow the same pattern. Or maybe not…

Since when has blasting through the centre of San Francisco traffic on full Nos ever been possible? Multi-dimensional fight tournaments, catacomb burglary in super tight shorts and a zombie apocalypse we’ll give you, but 200+kph down Lombard Street? Ain’t gonna happen. And that does make looking past any sense of realism in the film that much easier. Plus, ‘Fast and the Furious’ has proven that reality counts for nothing when making six versions of pretty much the same film: golden rule – you never ever need to downshift.

Plus given the action scenes involved and the almost hilarious amount of CGI that presumably entails, who’s to say this film won’t actually be good?

Most of us actually, but we’ll let Dreamworks prove us wrong.

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