VIDEO. The GR8EST movie. goldRush Rally 8

The GR8EST, a 30m movie chronicling the events of the 2016 goldRush Rally. Expect excess…

“It always starts the same way: the casual meet and greet, goldRush style”

The voice of director Keven St-Pierre, who also provided the voiceover work for The GR8EST, the 30m film chronicling the events of goldRush Rally 2016. You may remember Team Galag’s TGX that made headlines worldwide, and that more than 200 participants took part in 100 cars. But what actually goes into the goldRush Rally every year, besides a nine-day road trip from Boston to Los Angeles with stops in Washington D.C., Charlotte, Nashville, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

The GR8EST movie though goes deeper than this, breaking each part of the “goldRush experience” into separate chapters, from the finishing lines to behind the scenes conviviality and excess en-route, and all starting with the line-up of supercars in Massachusetts:

“If it were the world series, it would be the national anthem. For the Daytona 500, the fighter jets fly-by. It’s tradition. For the goldRush Rally, this is ours. It’s where the family is reunited, where our passions reconnection, and where the adventure begins.”

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By now you should have a reasonably good idea of the voiceover theme, i.e. slightly nauseating. Still, if you have half an hour of your day to spare and are curious to see what you missed on this year’s goldRush Rally, you’ll want to check out The GR8EST.

And if you’re interested, the countdown to goldRush 9 – sorry, goldRush Rally 9INE – has begun too…

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