Mike Scott. New Touring Car. Old School Cool

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Mike Scott, as I am sure those locals amongst us will know is the fountain of knowledge that runs the retail side of the business for Gulf-Sport. With a super large collection of years experience in the Industry and an intimate knowledge its probably fair to say he has forgotten more than most of us know.So after helping all the racers out there with parts Mike has decided that he needs to go racing. Having been given the shell of an Opel Astra from the guys at Performance he decided that Old School was the way forward…and so began the journey of converting a bog standard road car that didn’t start into a full on Touring Car.

The project has taken over 12 months to get to where it is now and has lead to a truck load of stress and anguish, however the end is firmly in sight.

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First up was the choice of Roll Cage. Custom Cages were contacted and one of their slick FIA approved cages was dispatched out to Dubai. As you can see from this pic, Mike has gone super pimp and lined the inside of the Astra with Carbon panelling. The touches make this car – as you can see.

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Now only a guy like Mike would go to the extremes when it comes to achieving perfection with this car. With the ever skilled Gary Francis on board you can bet it will and does look the bollocks!

Mike will be strapped into a Cobra Sebring seat by a set of Sabelt 6 point harnesses and stirring the cogs with a Quaife shifter – that I know caused more than one “shit” session. As you can see there is also a cheeky AIM XG3 logging dash mounted on the steering column providing all the relevant info back to Mike.

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