Midnight Rambler. Magnus Walker. Porsche 911T

A night-time drive around LA with the Urban Outlaw.

1971 Porsche 911T 277 eGarage 01

Anyone that’s into Porsches will know Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw. The dreadlocked Brit fell in love with Porsches from an early age, and moved to Los Angeles to start a fashion label,  the success of which funded his collection of 911s. Walker is now one of the world’s foremost Porsche guys, with an enviable record in collecting and restoring Stuttgart’s creations.

But enough about his history – take a ride with him. Magnus took the guys from eGarage on a late night tour of Los Angeles in his beloved 1971 Porsche 911T “277”. This is one you’ll want to turn the volume up for.

Source: eGarage

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