Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. Celebrating 45 Years With Five

Has a certain ‘phwoar!’ factor, doesn’t it?

Not exactly surprising really. The original SLS could hardly be called a troll, but the new 45th anniversary of its AMG GT3 racing counterpart may have just pushed the aesthetic envelope that little bit more.

The quirkily named ‘designo magno’ graphite matt paint finish is standout feature (Mercedes silver, naturally!) and one reserved only for the 45th edition models of the company’s AMG performance arm. And every new dress needs some new shoes, which leads us to the new lightweight matt alloy wheels.


The 45th AMG GT3 models retains the iconic gullwing doors of its sibling (and the 6.3-litre V8), which now comes adorned with ‘45 Years of Driving Performance’ stencilled in silver across the panels. But it’s not all trinkets and tinsel. The bonnet, boot lid, front splitter, rear diffuser, and front and rear aprons  are all made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic: you didn’t honestly think a celebratory GT3 model – the testing of which DTM legend (and former crankandpiston alumni) Bernd Schneider has played a key part in – would be just accessories, now did you?

So how much will you be expected to pay for this piece of eye candy. Deep breath…

€446,250, or a cool half a million dollars. Fair’s fair though. Only five will be made. Chequebooks at the ready?

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