Mercedes C 63 AMG vs Dodge Charger SRT8. Brawn vs Brawn

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So, two muscle-hewn behemoths, one title. Both look the part, both bring power to the party, and both make you giggle like an idiot when you plant your right foot. It’s difficult though to overshadow the Mercedes’ potential. As well as moving like stink, there’s a much greater sense of control behind the wheel, and while the lively rear end can raise the heartbeat enormously, it takes something impressive to tip the C 63 right over its limit. It’s practical, it’s brash, and it makes a statement, everything a muscle car should. Surely then the Europeans have built a better muscle car than the Americans.

Except here’s the thing. They haven’t.

It’s hard to deny that the Mercedes C 63 AMG is a better car than the Dodge Charger SRT8. The problem is that, as a muscle car, the C63 is too refined (I’ll stop short of saying civilised) and – for quite another – too expensive to be considered cheap and cheerful. At $104,000 (thanks to optional extras like the Exterior Carbon Trim package, Memory Package leather seats and black designo fabric roof liner), our test model is almost double the price of the Dodge.

The muscle car, during it’s heyday in the 1960s/70s, was a rebel, a big block saloon whose core purpose was to light up the rears, look good whilst doing it and do nothing more than make a generation want. Simple. It’s a concept that had two of the industry’s largest manufacturers fighting tooth and nail for supremacy, and while time moves on and production develops, it’s a concept that still holds true with proper current generation muscle cars. It’s one that still holds true with the Dodge Charger SRT8.

American has still managed to hold onto its muscle car crown, albeit by the tip of its fingers.

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Dodge Charger SRT8
Engine: V8 / 6424cc
Power: 470bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque: 470lb ft @ 4300rpm
Transmission: Five-speed adaptive auto stick driver-interactive manual control / electronically modulated torque converter clutch / rear-wheel drive
Front suspension: Independent SLA with high upper “A” arm / coil spring over ADS Bilstein shock absorber / 30 mm stabilizer bar / lateral and diagonal lower links / SRT tuned adaptive damping
Rear suspension: Five-link independent with coil spring / ADS Bilstein shock absorber and isolated suspension cradle / link type 18 mm stabilizer bar / SRT tuned adaptive damping
Brakes: Vented and slotted / Brembo four-piston fixed with aluminum housing / 14.2 x 1.26 (360 x 32) (front) / 13.8 x 1.10 (350 x 28) (right)
Wheels: 20-inch / full forged aluminum with painted pockets
Tyres: 245/45 R20 front and rear / Goodyear Eagle RS-A 2
Weight (kerb) 1979kg
0-100kph: 4sec (estimated)
Top speed: 281kph
Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG
Engine: V8 / 6208cc
Power: 457hp @ 6800rpm
Torque: 443lb ft @ 5000rpm
Transmission: AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT seven-speed sports transmission / rear-wheel drive
Front suspension: Three-link / coil spring / double tube gas pressure
Rear suspension: Multi-link independent suspension / coil spring / single tube gas pressure
Brakes: Discs internally ventilated and perforated
Wheels: 20in front and rear
Tyres: 235/40 R20 (front) / 255/35 R20 (rear)
Weight (kerb) 1795kg
0-100kph: 4.5sec
Top speed: 250kph

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