Mercedes-Benz Pagoda. eGarage. 50th Anniversary

eGarage pays tribute to the Mercedes-Benz W113 SL – read ‘Pagoda’ – on the model’s 50th anniversary.

Any successor has a tough act to follow, unless of course the preceding model was universally considered bilge. Back in 1963, Mercedes-Benz had the unenviable job of launching the W113 SL, its follow-up to the now iconic 300 SL.

That the model made its debut without gullwing doors – and much straighter bodylines – was the oft-talked about element of Paul Bracq’s design, and yet the concaved roofline of the new model would not only become the W113’s most notable feature, it would in itself inspire a new name for the new Merc: the Pagoda, a nod to high-tiered building designs.

Little wonder then, 50 years after the launch of the Pagoda, that eGarage should turn its attention in the Pagoda’s direction.

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