Mercedes-AMG GT. Inside the future

Mercedes-AMG unveils two teaser images of its new GT. Well, the inside of it anyway.

Mercedes-AMG GT

SLS enthusiasts may say that it’s too soon. That they’re not yet ready to love again and that they still need time. Mercedes-Benz though will be hoping to change their minds with the new AMG-GT.

The new model is the only the second ever to be developed fully independently by Mercedes-AMG, after the SLS AMG. It seems a little odd then that, given this precedence, the new AMG GT will apparently ‘be positioning AMG more vehemently and aggressively than to date as a dynamic sports car brand’, so says the CEO of AMG. It’s a decisive warning shot to the Porsche 911 certainly, but the 6.2-litre V8, fire-breathing, eye-popping SLS AMG was hardly your average ice cream van

Mercedes-AMG GT

Anyway, what of the car? Well, it’s red. Really quite red, as is becoming traditional with Mercedes interiors. It also incorporates the same ‘aviation design’ utilised in most of the company’s sportsters, as well as those all important ‘AMG’ embossed headrests.

Aside from the AMG V8 under the bonnet, that’s all we have to go on as of yet: Mercedes-AMG hasn’t even teased the exterior look yet. And given that the full unveil won’t be until Autumn at the earliest, the AMG fanistas amongst you will have to white knuckle it until then.

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