Memento Exclusives. A lamp made from an F1 car

For $1800, you could own one of only SIX lamps from Memento Exclusives made from the exhaust pipe of an actual Formula 1 car.

Memento Exclusives Honda F1 Exhaust Pipe Lamp-01

If spendthrift ways mean your man cave now boasts a Racing&Emotion Art Egg Chair, an Espresso Veloce V12 coffee machine, a CXC Motion-Pro 2 Sim and the ‘loudest, most expensive iPod dock available’, chances are you’re starting to run out of ideas for your next investment. No doubt you want something a little left-filed – preferably a limited edition – and you’re unlikely to bat an eyelid at an extortionate price tag.

Sounds like you’re in the market for a lamp made from the exhaust pipe of a Honda-powered Formula 1 car.

Limited to just six worldwide, the Memento Exclusives Honda F1 Exhaust Tailpipe Lamp ‘retails’ for just a shade over $1800. Now that might seem a lot for a reading aid that stands just 41cm high, but that would be ignoring its racing heritage. Each exhaust is ‘race-used’ by former F1 World Champion Jenson Button, former F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve, and IndyCar race winner Takuma Sato, which puts them around the 2003 F1 season mark. Technically, ‘Honda F1’ didn’t officially re-exist until the 2006 season, so what you’re actually getting is the exhaust pipe from a Honda V10-powered British American Racing single seater, most likely the 005.

Each pipe has been mirror-polished, is topped with a wooden lid carved from an F1-grade skid block, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. And before you ask, no, the V10 soundtrack is long gone.

Source – Memento Exclusives

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