McLaren. What makes ‘the perfect lap’?

Formula 1 outfit McLaren and SAP sports walks us through what is required to run ‘the perfect lap’ in this three-part series.


You ask most racing drivers what they crave most – aside from fame, fortune, race wins, championships and pop star/supermodel/heiress on one arm – and most will probably say ‘the perfect lap’.

It’s a phenomenon that most claim does not exist, with everything – aerodynamics, power delivery, weather conditions, and millimetre driver reactions among others – required to be absolutely on the nose for fastest both car and driver to be as fast as they physically can be on-track.

For McLaren – eight-time Constructors’ Champions and 182 Grand Prix winner (none this year, in a perfect example of poor timing) – it’s a phenomenon still worth chasing, and in this three part series, the Woking-based team has its own theories on what is required.

Source – SAP Sports

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