McLaren P1. Everything you wanted to know. Chris Harris

Everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about the McLaren P1 from Chris and Chris

Chris Harris P1

Chris Harris appeared to be truly smitten with the McLaren P1 after his lucky monkey laps at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi last week. McMonkey is one of the few journalists to experience the hyper hybrid from Woking and give it a mild spanking on track and – with all customer cars now sold – that is indeed a fortunate thing as the P1 may become as inaccessible as its legendary forefather, the F1.

Some questions still needed answering though to at least satisfy our intellectual curiosity. Fortunately, Mr. Harris cornered Mr. Goodwin – McLaren’s Chief Test Driver – and a ‘Chris on Chris’ head-to-head ensued.

Source – DRIVE

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