McLaren 570S unveiled in Dubai

McLaren unveils brand new 570S in the Middle East.

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“Why have they covered the engine?”

Even more so than “can this really beat a Porsche 911?”, this was the question on everyone’s lips at the recent unveil of the brand new McLaren 570S in Dubai. As found out, getting shots of that 3.8-litre twin turbo M838T E V8 proves rather difficult when you’re shooting through mesh…

Still, facts and figures-wise, the 570S certainly does not disappoint. Kicking out, yep, 570PS (or 562bhp if you wish to be technical) and 443lb ft of torque, Woking’s newboy – as we found out from New York – is capable of hitting the ton off the line in 3.2 seconds, 0-200kph in 9.5 seconds, and a hardly shabby 328kph top speed. Compare that with 3.1 seconds and 318kph from the Porsche Turbo S (which, by the by, we’ve already pitted against the McLaren 12C) and Porsche may have a considerable challenge on its hands. Of course $212K for the McLaren against ‘only’ $195K for Stuttgart’s best might also give you something to think about…

And whilst we’re on prices, McLaren has also confirmed that its new 540C – to be unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show any day now – will be available from $187K, give or take.

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