VIDEO. Mazda RX3. Car Torque

Finding a good Mazda RX3 isn’t easy. But Lachlan Cook has one in this new installment from CarTorque, and to coin an Australian phrase, it’s a beaut.


1970s Mazda RX3’s haven’t always lasted well. As Aussie Lachlan Cook explains, they have a tendency to be thrashed on a track or into a tree. But Lachlan, who runs Prep’d Motorsport in New South Wales, Australia, managed to track down a decent example online and he’s fitted all sorts of fuel-slurping, go-faster bits.

This Mazda RX3 is driven regularly, and has been kept largely standard in terms of looks – when you have a car with a rotary engine, devoid of pistons, you could argue that its unusual enough.

Oh, and just LISTEN to it.

Source: Car Torque

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