Mazda Hazumi concept. Let’s bounce

Mazda Hazumi – or Mazda ‘Bounce’ – concept due at Geneva Motor Show.


Cast your mind back to June of last year: our test drive of the new Mazda6. Yep, it’s been a while since we had any dealings with the Japanese firm, but we were impressed at the time with the prominent nose and frowning headlights of the 6. Now Mazda has once again tweaked our interest with the new Hazumi.

The new subcompact concept, due to be unveiled at the 84th Geneva Motor Show, so far entails just one headlight and a shadowy alloy, and is unlikely to become anything more until early next month. In accordance with the new model’s name – which loosely translates to mean ‘bounce/spring up’ – is said to be ‘bursting with energy’, so we’re expecting lots of curves, a snazzy paint finish, and a gutsy engine. Although some overly soft suspension might be more likely.

In other news, Mazda are also planning a 25th anniversary celebration of the Mx-5. Should you need any inspiration guys, perhaps you could check out our own tribute HERE…

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