Living with the McLaren P1. Chris Harris on Cars

Other than thrash it about, what do you do with a P1?


Chris Harris has managed to blag himself a McLaren P1 for a bit. Obviously the first thing he does is go to a track and slide it about, but what about after that? What do you do with a 903bhp hypercar when you’re not pushing the limits away from the public road?

If you’re Chris, you head out to enjoy the subtleties of the P1; the little nuances and foibles of a $1.3 million machine aside from the scintillating performance. How it feels at road-legal speeds, what it’s like away from the ragged edge. Then you pick up a friend and scare him senseless.

Then you give in to temptation and take it to another track for a drag race against an Audi RS 6.

Following that, you take it on the motorway for a slog across country.

To another track. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Source: Chris Harris on Cars

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