Limited-edition hardcore McLaren teased again

McLaren issues another coy image of its forthcoming 570S-based track car

McLaren has issued the second teaser image, in as many weeks, of its forthcoming special-edition model, based on the McLaren 570S. It will be revealed in full – online – on June 28, before making its dynamic debut at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The shot of the rear deck confirms our previous hunch, based on the first teaser image (of the diffuser), that the car’s pair of exhaust outlets have been relocated from their position on the 570S. Initially we thought that they’d been moved up into the rear fascia, aping the 675LT and P1. However, they in fact exit out of the topside of the rear deck, as they do on the McLaren Senna.

A relocation of the exhaust outlets has been the preserve of McLaren’s halo and Long Tail models thus far, which suggests this model will adopt the LT moniker, crowning McLaren’s Sports Series range in the process.

Aft of the exhausts you’ll spot a prominent rear wing that is not featured on the standard 570S. It’s similar to the one that formed part of the 675LT’s aero package, which itself may have influenced the suite of upgrades developed for the new hardcore model. 

McLaren claims the upgrades will deliver ‘optimised aerodynamics’, ‘minimised weight’ and ‘increased power’. All of the above aid driver engagement and enhance the car’s dynamic abilities on track, claims the British marque.

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