Wedding Trikes. Three-Wheeling It To Marriage

There’s really no way to explain how we stumbled across this particular Lifestyle item. Sometimes when trawling absent-mindedly through Google’s cornucopia of the absurd and bizarre – clicking link after link with nary a fret or care – a site can spring from the ether and make one sit up quickly. This was our instinctive reaction when we stumbled across – wait for it – trike carriages. No, we’re not kidding.

Though a relative unknown in the UAE, America’s ‘Route 66’ mentality has encouraged an enormous three-wheel business. With more than enough companies battling for top spot though, a change of direction was called for.

In America as well as Britain, happy couples can now seal off their special day in style by blasting away from the confetti amidst a thunderous chorus of horsepower. Chauffeur-driven, Mr and Mrs Bike Enthusiast can ride pillion or enjoy their own ‘bridal carriage’.

And when the time comes, it seems you can also choose how to travel from this world to the next. Gone are the days when a formatted Volvo 960 was all that was needed. Though still conducted with dignity by professionals, entering the pearly gates has never been more stylish or flamboyant. >>>

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