The Management Fleet. Project 4 Banger. Quick Update

Ah yes, “Project 4 Banger”. Frustratingly the little Porsche has taken a bit of a back seat recently. Although I should highlight that the issue falls squarely on my doorstep and not that of the bodyshop. General life and a multitude of client projects have pushed most, if not all fun time onto the back burner. First to take the cull was sadly the Porsche. Having not seen the car for the better part of 5 years prior to her landing in Dubai, I thought that a couple of extra months was never going to hurt anyone.

Work has however been ticking along. All of the main body repair work is complete and the little short wheeler is sat dressed in a grey primer dress and sans any nasty tin worm (rust).

The scuttle repairs undertaken by the team at MSW look factory fresh…

And the nasty little rust trap hidden away behind the rear tail lights has been cleaned up and had new tin let in…

The big push recently has been getting the doors back into shape. Following a new lower door skin and some minor trim amendments (read: deleted), getting the original doors back to tip top condition and fitting as they should has been a priority. Badly fitting doors are a big bug bear of mine and can completely ruin the look of a car.

The next job is to get the interior prepped and ready for it’s detailing. Plan is to have lots of exposed ‘paint’ in the car and limited areas of carpet. The bat wing extensions (horn push) on the steering wheel will also be coming in for the chop in the coming weeks.

The pressure is firmly back on now though as the beautiful Middle Eastern winter is here and I want to be rolling around Dubai enjoying my first love.

Further updates to come very soon >>>

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