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I blink and it’s all happened! In between work commitments and ensuring family time, Project 4 Banger has been given a new dress. I had a quick phone call from David at House of Cars to say that it might be a good idea for me to pop by the body shop, as the boys had been quite active since I’d last swung by. He wasn’t wrong!

Gone is the lovely Champagne Silver (unoriginal) and in comes a gorgeous shade of Blutorange… the colour the car was produced in and throughout my ownership over the past ten ish years, the colour it was always destined to return to. Yes the silver was lovely, however when it comes to a 60’s Porsche, originality has to take some form of control.

The team at XService in Dubai have been working long hours to get it where it is now and from my side, the journey is just beginning. The parts list is burgeoning and the look and feel of the finished article is swaying left and right. We will be bringing you more updates over the coming weeks, as the trim is decided, along with ride height and the finishing bits and bobs, that will give it that subtle ‘outlaw’ vibe. All without looking like we are trying too hard of course. Step over that line and it all comes tumbling down.

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