Spec a Classic, Win a Pen. Porsche Design

The lovely folks at Porsche Middle East have kindly given us a very classy and rather weighty Porsche Design pen to give away. It’s finished in a stealthy black metal and is guaranteed to make you feel like a bad-ass when scribbling things down. With all the weight at the back though, you need to be careful when writing at speed, or you’ll end up in a ditch. Wait, what?

Anyway, we won’t just be throwing this at the first person to raise his or her hand, oh no. You need to get creative. We’d like you to visit the rather funky Porsche Selecta website and design us a classic Porsche, much like the ones we’ve quickly knocked up here. Pick a vintage Porker and make it look completely awesome. When you’re done, take a screenshot and email it to info@crankandpiston.com. The one we like the best wins the pen.

Yes, it’s completely subjective, but the judges’ decision (ie, ours) is final. You’ve seen the site, you know what we like. Get those juices flowing! The closing date is October 31.

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