Forged Performance. Dubai, UAE. 1000bhp Nissan GTR x2

FLAMES!! Remember the last truly mind blowing Nissan GTR we featured right here on crank& The one that pushed the dyno needle round the corner and into the next neighbourhood – into 1022.3bhp at the wheels, town.

Well, said car was tuned by a gent from the US, with Middle Eastern roots, who goes by the name of Sharif Abdelbaset. Sharif is the CEO and owner of Forged Performance, based out of the US and he seems to be spending a bit of time in Dubai at the moment. It would be fair to say that the car he first played with in Dubai, gained him a bit of a reputation.

That brings us nicely to the video we have below. Two GTR’s, both hitting the heady heights of 1000bhp, both in Dubai. Sounds good to us.

Forged Performance: Sharif tunes TWO 1000whp+ GT-R's in Dubai! from Forged Performance on Vimeo.

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