RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF. Bangkok. Thailand

The RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF marketing machine is in full effect. I’d been sat recently thinking, all this internet chunter was a bit more than just the unearthing/publicising of a cool company with a creator of magical status behind it.

Now it becomes slightly more clear. RWB is expanding and the word had to spread… First up on the expansion plan is RWB Bangkok and thankfully the style and the cool hasn’t been watered down, as it’s made it’s way across the oceans from Japan.

This video charts the build, creation and apparent zen like vibe that Nakai San drop’s himself into during a build. From what we believe, RWB Britain is next on the list and long may it continue… what isn’t there to like about it? Bad ass Motorsport inspired Porsches on the street?! Keep it coming – RWB Middle East is certainly needed >>>

Ralf Becker, Jon Sibal

Making of RWB Bangkok from TennXX on Vimeo.

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