Life on the Water. Gray Design Sovereign Yacht

A boat you ask?! Well stranger things have happened here at c& So when we stumbled across this incredible little number, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Yes the connection is tenuous, however we firmly believe that dream garages are always complemented somewhere along the line with a dream boat. I for one would love to hack across the French riviera in a Zonda, hop aboard my Wally 118 and blast along the coast, enjoying the sunshine and epic design of my ultimate machine.

So what is this you say? Say hello to the Gray Design Sovereign Yacht ($ – if you need to ask!?) As you can clearly see, this is a superb piece of watercraft art. She features three MTU engines that are capable of letting you waft along at a spritely 30 knots, a wind turbine in the mast and even solar panels mounted to the roof. The panels act as the lighting systems power supply, as well as being able to top of the Yachts overall power suppliers.

When it comes to luxuries, this boat has it in spades. From a mechanically retractable cover for the bow mounted jacuzzi, an infinity pool with a reinforced glass helipad in the center (yup, you read that right), and even an optional custom-built limo that can be stored in the garage! We would skip that and through that Supercar we’ve always dreamed of in there though.

Time to get to work and make all those $$$’s then.

Source – uncrate

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