Lamborghini Aventador. Saudi Arabia. Tareq Zakrya Abuhajjaj

The pressure for any successor is mind-boggling. Imagine being the director in charge of Aliens or The Godfather  Part II. Exactly.

So when Lamborghini announced that their flagship Murcielago was to be discontinued in 2010 in preparation of a new model, the air was positively thick with just one question: “But will it be any good?”

Turns out yes. We like the Aventador. A lot. Gobsmacking to look at and an utterly mental driving experience, it doesn’t so much tweak ones interest as ram a kebab skewer through it.

We’ve been in touch with our friend Tareq Zakrya Abuhajjaj again for some more juicy shots of this Italian missile. Watch this space for more amazing pictures coming soon. >>>

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