Dubai Motor Show 2011. Bugatti. Handbags At Lunchtime

On arrival at any motor show, there will always be office favourites for which a beeline will be made sooner rather than later. Bugatti was among crankandpiston’s first port of calls, it’s dazzling array of Veyrons inspiring both awe, an excuse to gwark, and – rather curiously – an argument. Three polished million pound supercars, three opposing preferences. So, who do you agree with? Who came top trump in our “if I had the money, I’d buy…” contretemps?

1) How could you not go for the hardtop daddy? The 250+mph creation that is the original Veyron is an automotive legend, and how can it maintain this accolade by denying it’s non-cabriolet routes. And what better way to celebrate this fiery bucket of horsepower – with a rear airbrake that for all intents and purposes defies physics – than with a striking yellow paintjob.

2) My learned friend sees a piece of theatre  sitting on it’s four rubber haunches before us. I, however, see an automotive engineering breakthrough, which should be treated as such. A majestic opaque blue finish complements the subtle contours of the bodywork, whilst at the same time, a retractable roof allows you to enjoy this mindboggling experience whilst surrounded by the beauty of nature itself. What better cherry for this delicious cake?

3) Absolute rubbish. Yes, a convertible is the way to go. And yes, if I buy a Veyron, I want friends, family, neighbours and casual passers-by to know who’s behind the wheel. But no, opaque blue is far too – forgive me – ordinary for this machine. If my credit card can survive the whallop that is Bugatti’s asking price, it can certainly survive the metallic chrome panelling as an optional extra!

So, who’s in the right here?

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