Ferrari 250 LM. Welcome To Dream Land…

The recent Classic car event held along Emaar Boulevard, right here in Dubai, has inspired our dreaming capabilities. To start with, we believed that a sizeable chunk of $$ had been happily gifted to us by a good friend of c& The challenge was to purchase a car that had history, was beautiful, was a sure fire investment and more importantly was Italian. Result of the hours spent hawking the internet?

The Ferrari 250 LM! The car that stood to one side allowing the Shelby Cobra to dominate the then GT Championship, is beauty draped in a red dress. Timeless, utterly stunning and thanks to DK Engineering in the UK – who have put this great short clip together – you too can dream as much as we have been.

Ferrari 250 LM #6045 from GridStars on Vimeo.

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