Down on the street. Ferrari Mondial 8

The 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8 was never the most loved car to emerge from the gates of Maranello. Even so, finding one slowly rotting away at the side of the road in a Dubai housing development pains me ever so slightly.

We were given the heads up to this Mondial by Niloy Choudhury on our Facebook page. He’d spotted it last week looking rather sorry for itself and thought we might be interested in taking a took.

Now, I’ve lived in Dubai for a while and have gotten quite used to the fact that cars are generally left alone when parked up. My own project VR6 spent two years sitting outside in another housing development without so much as a scratch being put on the bodywork, so I was a little shocked to see quite how badly the Mondial had been treated.

Half a breezeblock had been thrown through the windscreen and all the other glass had been shattered. Someone’s had a go at removing the wheels as the rear right alloy is sitting at rather a jaunty angle.

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  1. OhhhMondialNice

    I don’t care if it isn’t a Ferrari “twelve”, nor do I care that it is one of the cheaper Ferraris which now costs less than a Toyota Camry.

    I love the Mondial 8 with its curvy lines, and short, squat mid-engine design. It epitomizes the romance of the materialistic eighties when the world was obsessed with anything Italian, and anything Ferrari.

    A car should look like a car; not a space ship designed in the wind tunnel and the Mondial looks like a sporty coupe that you get in with a British driver’s hat and a suede jacket and just drive it to the countryside on a summer Sunday afternoon.

    All the Mondial 8 critics can stick it! Bah, keep your F40’s, and Maranello 550 poseur machines. I’d love to own a 1989 (the more reliable years) Mondial T in a cabriolet version with the top down and a quiet, winding, oceanside road!

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  7. Hi there,

    A sad state indeed, and I suppose it is a result of the banking system here that forces people to abandon them, and the banks in turn have ‘insured’ the loan anyway so have zero desire to collect the vehicles in an attempt to finance the balance. The problem is that once they have sold the car to ‘defray’ their expense, they are no longer able to maintain any formal charges against the defrauder. I may be wrong, but this is how it was explained to me by a friend who was in the car business for years in Dubai.

    There is a car outside my apartment, that has been there since probably about the same time as this one. It is also in a bit of a sorry state but not nearly as bad as the example in the story. The windows are intact, and the interior, although the doors are unlocked, is still in reasonable shape.
    I would love to take this vehicle as a project car, it is not a Ferrari, but would make a very good runner and be easy to maintain, I jut cannot find out who the owner was/is and how much they still owed the bank when they ran. A running example of this particular car would ony fetch AED15K max so it cannot be worth a tenth of that at present. The number plate is still the old one with the burj on it, so it is difficult to track down the bank/owner detail.
    If anyone knows the procedure required to take on one of these abandoned cars, I would love to hear it.

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  12. Even though the Mondial isn’t a “great” Ferrari, it still is one of Maranello’s own. I wouldn’t hesitate to own one. On the flipside, I’d love the wheels and steering wheel.