crankandpiston. Enters the world of Arabic!

For those of you that visit every day (thankfully that means a lot of wonderful people out there) you understand what we created was born out of a desire to create a website that caters for the Middle Eastern motoring enthusiast, looking for something beyond the conventional magazines and online portals. We’ve given it our best shot and continue to push the boundaries in terms of content and colour. The one thing that was hampering us though… was Arabic.

So, it is with much excitement that we bring you the news that is now online in Arabic as well as English. has been attracting an ever growing number of visitors every day, with its unique blend of top-notch exposure and photography, knowledgeable enthusiasm for all things automotive, and a healthy amount of irreverence and humour. The site, and the team behind it (you know who you are), are dedicated to showcasing the Middle Eastern automotive scene, and the introduction of the region’s native language is a natural extension of that desire.

“This will open up crankandpiston to a whole new audience,” said the site’s creators. “Our reason for being is the wealth of interesting and exciting automotive activities in the Middle East, so it’s only right that we showcase that with the introduction of Arabic.”

Arabic readers can now visit or navigate via the language select button at the top of the page at

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  1. I think you guys have gotten all the ingredients right straight from the start… keep up the great work and this new Arabic feature will bring your great site to many new followers.

    Merry Xmas!