UAE National Day Weekend. Emaar Boulevard. Classic Stunners

The UAE celebrated its 40th anniversary this weekend, and what better way to do so than with a cavalcade of classic cars?

The Downtown Dubai Classic Car Show saw dozens of exotic machines park up outside the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, accessible to fans and passers-by alike.

Among the metal on show was this Ferrari F40 (top) and some in-progress works, like this Jaguar E-Type bodyshell. From what we know, this particular car is one of the oldest of it’s kind in existence. Chassis no.16 has been muted… We will be checking up on it though.

Who knows what this is then?

Lurking 300SL.

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  1. That Bug could be a 23 because the grille has no straight sides. I dunno though, but that sweet steering wheel is a Motolita, I want one to hang on my necklace.