Acura NSX // looking mellow yellow

Last month a Ferrari Mondial, and now one of its feared rivals from the land of the rising sun? While the rest of the world gets stray dogs, are 80s and 90s supercars quickly becoming the strays of Dubai?

Rivals/Racing improves the breed. And just to put his money where his mouth was, Soichiro Honda summoned the first ever Japanese supercar, a true race car for the road, the mighty giant-killing NSX.

During development of this all-aluminium wonder – the first road car to have such construction – Honda engineers gathered a fleet including the latest Porsche 911 Carrera, Ferrari 328, Corvette and even a Countach. High targets indeed! In the media at the time, rumours flew wildly about V12s, V8s, turbo power, you name it. Actually, Honda did in fact experiment with some of these, including a twin-turbo and a 5.0-litre V8. Eventually a free-breathing 276hp 3.0-litre V6 was chosen for its compact dimensions and low weight, 90 degree vee angle for a lower centre of gravity, featuring Honda’s VTEC system and titanium conrods. Aluminium suspension and a purely function-over-form design made the NSX an instant success, whether it wore a Honda or Acura badge.

In America, the Acura NSX was offered with a black roof, cushy seats and even specially designed leather luggage.

The car you see here, is one such early pop-up headlight Acura NSX, although we’ve no idea whether it ever came with that bespoke luggage or not. See, this Acura is all alone in the big bad world, left next to some dumpsters to, well, it can’t actually rot since it’s all aluminium, so it’s just decorating the side of the road.

Our fruitless detective work so far revealed only that the car’s been dumped for at least six months, and even the Dubai Police have no idea who the owner is. The absolutely pristine interior features contrasting stitching, which is an option that was only offered from 1992, as was the yellow paint. And Apart from the 17-inch OZ wheels, everything on the car is completely original, while a quick look underneath says that all seems true down there too.

It’s a proper five speed car instead of the pansy four-speed auto (a six-speed tranny only came in 1997 with the bigger 3.2-litre unit), but even though we can’t see the mileage, the tell-tale wear on the gear knob, steering wheel and pedals is minimal.

Considering the remarkable condition of this early-to-mid-90s supercar (easily worth between $30,000-$40,000 depending on condition and mileage), it’s positively sinful for its potential final resting place to be a gap next to a bunch of dumpsters.

We’ve knocked on doors, interrogated security guards and left countless notes (which continuously disappear, being replaced by other people’s ambitious notes), but six months down the line this awesome NSX still hasn’t found an owner. Will it be a Jumeirah Village stray for life, or will it end up at a police auction? We don’t know, though one thing’s for sure; it’s by far the coolest piece of landscaping in this massive Dubai construction site they call a community.

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  1. Thinking about it, if the car actually lacked paper work, I doubt it would’ve got past the customs anyway.

  2. Phil – I’ve traced this car’s history…

    JH4NA1155MT001585 started its life as a 1991 Berlina Black/Ivory interior car originally sold in the U.S. at Radley Acura on June 30th 1991. It is definately a U.S. VIN NSX.

    From there we suspect it was immediately exported somewhere in Europe as further details of a perhaps “stolen” history come up on web VIN searches. A number of brand new NSX’s were sold new and exported due to the car’s demand when first introduced.

    I’ve personnally gone into the Dubai Police armed with the VIN and there’s no history of this NSX ever being registered or imported. Reports on local car forums indicate that it may have come from the Ajman Used Car Market where dealers had a tough time selling it due to the lack of paperwork…

    As a current NSX owner I find this lost, stolen, or abandoned NSX quite a shame…it deserves a better life!