Liberty Walk Ferrari 458. The Ultimate Bosozoku Fezza

Super rare Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia gets the Liberty Walk treatment at the Simon Motorsport workshop in Dubai.

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The Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia is a rare and expensive piece of kit with only seven cars in existence. When the British tuning company (not the fancy sunglasses company) turned its attention towards the Italia, the result was a 458 with a ten percent increase in power and a five percent increase in torque. Copious amounts of devil’s weave was utilized – reducing weight by 65kg – including the signature Oakley Design carbon fibre roof as well as lashings of the black stuff on everything from the mirrors to the engine bay. The desirability of an Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia is therefore off the scale and even spotting one in the wild would produce a wet trouser moment for the hardest of hardcore car spotters.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

Fortunately, the owner of this car has never had a ‘keep it in a bubble’ mentality. This Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia gets driven hard regularly on road and track just like it was intended for. His latest move, however, probably doesn’t meet with Oakley Design approval, certainly wasn’t sanctioned by Maranello and will have the Red Car Brigade – no doubt already horrified by the absence of rosso corsa – up in arms at the audacity to modify the purity of a Pininfarina design. Well, balls to all that. This is the world’s first Liberty Walk-kitted Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia and you’re either gonna love it or hate it.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

The surgery has been carried out at the Simon Motorsport workshop – the authorised and official distributor for Liberty Walk in the Middle East – in their new and spotlessly clean premises in Dubai. So new in fact that they haven’t even had their opening day yet. With Wataru Kato and the LB Performance crew in town to undertake proceedings, it certainly wasn’t a site for the squeamish and the ‘measure twice and cut once’ rule has rarely been so pertinent.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

We called in regularly to follow the progress and witness Kato-san and the LB Works team work their neo-Bosozoku flair on the Fezza. On the final day, the full wide body conversion – complete with that massive carbon fibre ducktail spoiler – was pulled together and the Liberty Walk 458 rolled out of the workshop without a hitch thanks to the Novitec HLS Hydraulic Suspension providing a 40mm lift on the front. The massive ADV.1 5.0 Track Spec 3SL 3 piece forged wheels – painted in custom candy red – and wrapped in Toyo Proxes simply look stunning and, well, just check out that ass.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 WALLPAPERS available HERE – CLICK

Our thanks to Simon Motorsport and Liberty Walk LB Performance

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