Is this the brand new Lamborghini Centenario?

Images leaked online seemingly show the a brand new, limited edition Lamborghini that celebrates the 100th birthday of company founder Ferruccio

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Is this the brand new Lamborghini Centenario?

No official details have been revealed, other than the new model – built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of company patriarch Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth – is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Apparently only 40 will be made – 20 of the coupe, 20 of the convertible – with each of these limited-edition supercars having already found homes. For $2.4 million a pop, so we’ve heard…

The rear design is dominated by an enormous diffuser and three exhaust pipes, though only the smallest tail lip rear spoiler seems evident. There’s hardly any rear-visbility thanks to some Lamborghini-traditional louvres over the windscreen, while a roof-mounted vent is likely to channel air to the as-of-yet unconfirmed powerplant. Design at the front heavily references the mid-range Huracán, only with longer overhangs and a more pointed nose. The new Centenario apparently sits on a stretched Huracán platform.

Engine options also remain a mystery, though it will likely feature the same 6.5-litre V12 as the Aventador, only with an extra 60bhp. So 750bhp. Nice!

Expect more information when the silks are pulled in Geneva.

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