KW Suspension. DCC ECU. Phoning It In

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There may be a few among you that over the years have arrived at a track day cursing your road-going setup and the inevitable lost tenths-of-seconds this will bring. At the same time though, you’re also rather glad you’ve made it to the circuit without race-spec stiffened suspension rattling the fillings from your crowns.

German suspension manufacturer KW may have found a middle ground though, and all you need is their newly developed Dynamic Damping Control and Electronic Control Unit (catchy, no?) and an iPhone app. Okay, yes, the company’s new DDC ECU costs between $3679 and $3929 plus fitting to install. However, once your credit card has been suitably manhandled, you’re newly purchased DDC ECU will allow you to modify the suspension settings on your car from your phone.

The system does come with three preset settings – the time-honoured Comfort, Sport and Sport+ – but for the more ambitious amongst you, the app also allows you to minutely alter the damper settings for each axle individually. You can even email the specs directly when you’re done.

Quite how significantly this will knacker your phone’s battery life though after several hours of trial and error remains to be seen…

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