Kimi Raikkonen drifting a Ferrari F12berlinetta

Famously taciturn racing driver Kimi Raikkonen takes famously ludicrous Ferrari F12 sideways around Fiorano.


At one end of the spectrum, Ferrari’s ridiculously powerful F12berlinetta, 730bhp of front-engined, rear-driven lunacy. Behind the wheel, Ferrari’s ridiculously monosyllabic F1 driver, Kimi Raikkonen, a man who parties hard away from the limelight but turns off the charm whenever the media area round.

Still, he wasn’t required to talk much when he ferried a load of motoring hacks around Ferrari‘s Fiorano test track in Italy. Because Kimi lets his drifting do the talking. And the drifting says “SQUEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLL, brraaaaaaaaaap, brraaaaaap, SQUEEEEEEAAAAAAL”. Much better than Finnish mumbling.

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