Kia Niro. “It’s a black… tank”

The Kia Niro concept makes its debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. And don’t be surprised if its first customer is Batman.

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Have you ever wondered what the Dark Knight would drive if the Wayne fortune disappeared overnight? Effective as a rock crawler is for striking fear into the hearts of Gotham’s most unsavoury megalomaniacs, we can’t imagine the fuel economy is particularly good either.

From out of the shadows comes a potential solution from Kia of all places. Due to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new concept boasts ‘a mischievous character’ (what super hero doesn’t?), a robust body style and high ground clearance. And, apparently, will accept ‘any challenge that the assured modern motorist may throw at it’. Whether this includes driving over rooftops and outrunning police helicopters remains to be seen.

For our caped crusader, the new crossover design study comes with butterfly doors and tinted windows for those oh-so important dramatic entrances, bodywork incorporating stainless steel to repel gunfire, and – of course – the darkest of paint finishes. Even the name – Niro – is a derivation of ‘black’ in Italian. How apt for the Dark Knight.

Of course before Mr Wayne faces financial insolvency, he has a certain Clark Kent and the creativity of Zack Snyder to face first.

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