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Work on the Porsche Cayman R’s front and rear bumpers doesn’t dampen Osie’s spirits during the ‘cold’ weather.

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: April 2013
Total kilometres: 49,510
Kilometres this month: 3297
Costs this month: $898
L/100km this month: 9.1

The recent wintery snap was a first chance for me to enjoy R in what is considered ‘cold’ weather here.  The car loves it and it feels like a few more bhp have been released.

One thing I adore about this car is its character and one of the elements of that is the sound it makes on a cold start up in the mornings. It sounds absolutely filthy. Booming with excessive volume from those tweaked for-R-only exhaust headers, it’ll sit on cold idle for about 15 seconds sounding like it’s digesting several small mammals through a massive set of carburettors. It’s one element I miss from driving back home in Ireland in the winter, although I don’t miss de-icing the windows. I’ll happily sit there before moving off with the driver’s door open, just to get the full effect.


This month I decided to get a little paint work done on the car, as front end lower lip spoiler, rear left rim and rear bumper had a few marks I wanted brushed out. The Basalt Black paint tends to be most unforgiving to minor imperfections, and I want the car to be perfect. This was going to be done out of my own pocket, so I wanted somewhere that would have a reputation for working on Porsches as well as superb factory-quality work. The Porsche Dubai service centre recommended Polimar Motors around the corner from them, as they do a lot of work on their customers’ cars, so that was a good enough recommendation for me. A quick look around the workshop and some lovely GT3s, 997s and few other exotics in having body and color work sealed the deal. A week later the car came back, job done. Polimar did fine work, so I’m happy to have the car absolutely perfect again.

I’ve managed to put 21,000km on the R in the nine months I’ve owned it and am loving running it as a daily smoke. An unplanned set of rear Pirellis has been the biggest cost so far, as Porsche picks up the tab on the first two services of any Approved Used car bought from them.


One thing I love – but is equally starting to grate slight – is how ‘chatty’ the front end is over uneven surfaces: you can literally tell whether the white line on the road that you just ran over is painted gloss or matt. The front Pirellis have a hard 21,000km on them, and I’m starting to notice the front end getting even more talkative on uneven surfaces. So while I’m enjoying the car in a showroom like condition and loving the cold weather, during this winter period the front tyres will almost certainly die.

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