Jon Olsson’s Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640. Lambos love glaciers

Lamborghini LP 640 with studded tyres – and Jon Olsson – takes in a spot of slaloming at the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway

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“There is a lot of fun things to do in this world, but to rip around a ski resort in a rear wheel converted 640hp Lambo with 16mm spikes beats pretty much everything!”

It’s kind of difficult to argue against any part of that sentence from former professional ski racer Jon Olsson, whose somewhat lunatic, ski-box-adorned, camouflage painted Audis and Lamborghinis we’re now all too familiar with. This time though the Swedish-born adrenaline nut has taken things a step further, taking said 640hp Murciélago with furiously spiked rear tyres to the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway for a slalom session on the slopes. And my my, does the Red Bull-backed ski racer in him come out, with both wing mirrors and front splitter on the modified LP 640 clipping the gates as he power slides his way through like both a beast and a boss. Bear in mind while watching the below video that this isn’t even expected to be his only run on the glacier, the Swede teasing “even more fun stuff for the winter when we have real ice to work with.”

And the LP 640? Well this is the third Raging Bull to receive the Olsson treatment (and there might even be a new one on the way following designs from YasidDesign) though in the man’s own words, it proved “a nightmare build” taking close to three years to complete and presumably costing more money than re-starting the sun. The job was originally given to a tuner in the UK who offered to do the work for free to get the publicity, only for him to then sell parts of the Lamborghini off to stall his ever-approaching bankruptcy. The then-ruined Murciélago subsequently went to Select Cars Syd on home turf who spent another two years affixing a DMC full carbon LP670 kit, ADV1 wheels, an IPE exhaust, AP racing brake kit and rear-wheel drive, among others. Once he’d managed to put the car back together again.

And yet after all of this, Jon Olsson still takes the Lamborghini through a slalom course on a glacier. Hashtag ‘Lad’.

*Jon’s Lamborghini is not the only supercar to hit the ice recently though. Click HERE to check out the Pagani Huayra BC during Bosch testing

Source – Jon Olsson

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