J&L Fabricating. eGarage. An Old Fashioned Story

eGarage takes a stroll around J&L Fabricating, and finds out just what goes into restoring a historic racing car.


“It’s one thing to put a car together. It’s another to make it work”

Sound reasoning from Louie Shefchik, whose company J&L Fabricating – Louie is the ‘L’, while wife Jeanette is the ‘J’ – has been doing just that for many years. One can understand Louie’s worries though. Some of his past works include several Porsche 917s, a former Guy Edwards Lotus T290 HU26, and former non-championship Grand Prix runner Peter Westbury’s Felday Engineering Ltd Brabham, none of which are showroom models destined to spend the rest of their lives on a pedestal. All have gone to private owners and will sooner or later hit the track for some historic racing action. To find them spewing water, oil and steam on the grass at Goodwood wouldn’t exactly be good for business.

The secret to success? Viewing each and every model as a piece of art. As we’ve also found out with Petrolicious, this is a principal that inspires some unorthodox – yet applaudable – decisions.

Source – eGarage

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