Jensen’s back. New GT on the way, Interceptor 2 to follow

A renewed attempt is underway to revive the Jensen name.


Fans of classic British sports cars will be well familiar with the Jensen name, so they’ll be intrigued to hear that it’s coming back. 13 years since the manufacturer collapsed, a new company – the Jensen Group – is bringing back the marque and with it, a new car, called the GT.

This clay model is all we’ve been shown of the Jensen GT so far, but it does look rather swish, especially with its Jaguar F-Type rear lights, but it’s likely to be expensive – price rumours are around the $500,000 mark. However, it’s a stop-gap car of sorts, bridging between the last ‘real’ Jensen – the 1976 Interceptor – and a new model, the Interceptor 2, which will be revealed next year. No details about the Interceptor 2 have been released yet, although it may involve collaboration with another manufacturer.


We don’t have many details about the GT either – it’ll be built under an agreement between the Jensen Group and Jensen International Automotive, which currently builds the modified Interceptor R. The Jensen Group says the GT will be an “extremely limited edition”

This latest attempt at reviving the Jensen name is not related to the 2011 attempt by Healey Sports Cars Switzerland and CPP Global Holdings. That project promised a new car by 2012, but it failed to materialise. So although we’re hoping this new attempt bears fruit, we’re not counting our chickens just yet.

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