Jeep Wrangler: Jeepers Edition. Dubai. UAE

This is no ordinary Jeep. No, no…

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If you’re in the Jeep game and you’re in Dubai, chances are you’ve heard of Jeepers (especially if you read about our Wrangler build). Founded in 2007, the local boys offer a personalised service for Jeep lovers and owners alike, customising models to mirror the personalities of its owner. Managing director Nizar Madani and the team have more than 20 years of experience between them in customisation, personalisation and modification, as well as services and maintenance.

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Every year Jeepers comes up with a new concept to wow people, and this was the result – not bad, eh? Having been completely stripped back to chassis body and rebuilt from the ground up – a process, which took eight people working around the clock for the best part of a month – the ‘Jeepers Edition’ subsequently made its debut at the recent Dubai Motor Show.

It started as a 2014 Jeep Wrangler, largely due to the fact that 2015/2016 mapping doesn’t yet exist and opting for a second-hand car worked out cheaper, anyway.

Jeep-Jeepers Edition 2015 (Low Res)-2

Okay, time for specifics. While stripped down, the car received a reinforced roll cage, while both the front and rear bumpers have been modified for that all-important ‘unique look’. At the front, Jeepers has added light aluminium fenders with high clearance to accommodate the whopping 38in NITROTYREs, as well as a new-design grille and some stylish chrome highlights. And since the body is polished steel, rust has been kept at arm’s length with a special treatment.

Vehicle ride-height has been lifted 9.5in, while the body itself has been lifted 2in courtesy of new shock springs and adjustable control arms, with exterior shafts to reinforce the front and rear differential. A fan of neons? Jeepers has also added under-lighting to the car. Well, they’re nearly neons…

Jeep-Jeepers Edition 2015 (Low Res)-6

The really cool bit? Jeepers created its own edition exhaust for the new ‘Jeepers Edition’ as well as redesigning the tailgate to accommodate a spare tyre – in case of any sticky desert situations. The standard 285bhp 3.6-litre V6 meanwhile has been DiabloSport mapped to 325hhp, with a 4.88 ratio. A Jeepers Edition air intake has also been added alongside a modified bonnet to improve airflow.

It’s not just the outside that’s had the Jeepers treatment, though. The interior has also been updated thanks to Recaro seats with five-point seatbelts, trimmed in Nappa leather. The original Wrangler dashboard has been fully re-trimmed to match, as has the steering wheel. Functions such as a switch to disable ABS and traction control have also been added for desert use.

Jeep-Jeepers Edition 2015 Stage 4 (Low Res)-14

And the cost? Around $85,000 (AED 325,000). The hench hole in your wallet does cover both the cost of the Wrangler itself and the kit fit, so I guess it’s either a Jeepers Edition Wrangler, or an Audi TT RS

Like we say. This is much more than an ordinary Jeep…

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