JDM vs Euro // Type-R vs GTi // Hot hatch vs Hot hatch

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After a three year wait, Honda has finally brought the Civic Type-R to the Middle East. But how does the 198bhp screaming-VTEC buzzbox compare to the region’s favourite hot hatch – the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

It’s a question that nearly every local motoring magazine is setting out to answer if the bookshop newstands are anything to go by..


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  1. They might be similar specs-and-segment wise but two very different little beasties there in a way.

    The Golf is certainly the better all-arounder. Better interior (higher quality materials, superior ergonomics and more space), the DGS gearbox makes it more flexible in everyday situations yet it’s still got the same power as the Civic (although with a much more useful powerband) and handling that’s plenty adept; chuckable and responsive yet supremely stable and supple as well.

    Civics a bit more driver-oriented though – more driver focused interior with cheaper plastics but much better seats, a manual shifter that’s got an action as smooth as butter although all that clutching would likely be a pain for many Dubaiians, an engine that needs to be worked hard to be enjoyed and super responsive, razor sharp reflexes and ballerina acrobatic ability even if the steering feel is a slight bit artificial.

    If you’re a hardcore driver there’s nothing like the Civic – it keeps on giving right up to and past the limit and loves to be ragged on even though it could use an LSD up front to power out of the corners a little better instead of ploughing out. Tail end of the Civic comes into play nicely though. Haven’t had one on the track so can’t say for sure how it’d do in those conditions but it just loves being thrashed along any twisty roads you can find.

    Golf is almost equally as good though albeit ultimately not quite as hardcore. It rides the highways and carves corners like a radar guided cruise missile but if you really push it hard, especially on a track, once you’re at the limit that’s basically it; the fun tapers off abruptly and it’s basically a matter of grappling with understeer.

    Sensible choice would have to be the Golf but if you prioritize hoonage and you can handle a stick the Civic’s the more fun car IMO.

    Interestingly, if you fancy yourself a bit of a tuner you can get a lot more out of either of these cars for not much more money.

    A few grands will see your Golf chipped up to the mid-250hp range in no time, and some swaybars give a great bang for the buck improvement in handling balance without upsetting the overall poise of the car.

    Similar money could get you a magic Mugen diff to chuck into the Civic, which would make it an absolute beast in the corners and on the circuit, if the relative performance of the LSD-toting UK spec Championship White edition Type R is anything to go by. Not that the K20 motor in the Civic is lacking at all in terms of power potential either.

    Great to be spoiled for choice!

    Wonder how CAR’s assessment will compare with mine? Hmm.

    …and of course let’s not forget the pink elephant in the room – the Renault Clio RS, which is cheaper than both the Golf GTI and the Civic Type R while being arguably even more hardcore than either.