Jay Leno // Jaguar XJ // From creation to delivery

It isn’t new news that Mr Jay Leno is a big Jaguar man. In fact it was Jaguar that really started the ball rolling for him and as I am sure you know, his collection is now as eclectic and wonderful as it is massive.

In fact Jaguar knew of his deep connection with the brand when they invited him to London to launch the car to the throng of global media that had made their way to the UK for the unveil of the Jaguar. The fact that Elle MacPherson was on hand was just an added bonus of course.

So the next logical step was for Jay to take delivery of his own Jaguar. A stunning Pearl Grey and London Tan 470bhp beaut. Enjoy this great clip charting the course of his car, from a roll of aluminium all the way to his treasure trove on the outskirts on Los Angeles.


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