Jaroslav Bergl Productions. Sunday Afternoon With Subaru

Jaroslav Bergl productions takes on the frozen elements with a couple of spec-ced Subaru Imprezas.

Regular readers will know that we’ve bought our fair share of thermal underwear recently at crankandpiston

…that sounds odd, let me explain.

Not too long ago we were in Sweden throwing a Mk VII Volkswagen Golf around a frozen lake (around the same time the World Rally Championship squad was notching up its first series victory). Shortly after that we were doing much the same with a number of Bentleys in Finland with varying degrees of success.

There’s one notable name missing from these sideways snow-laden shenanigans though, namely Subaru, long-time king of the rally stages. Fortunately the guys at Jaroslav Bergl Productions have us covered.

We’re a little stumped by the Super Mario music at the 59s mark though…

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